216th Marine Infantry

'216th Marine Infantry' of His Imperial Majesty's Army, known as the "Emperor's Own".

The 216th Marine Infantry (ARMA Regiment) was founded in late 2020 by the Imperial Court of Comrade’s Gate. The primary focus of the unit is infantry combat in ArmA 3 utilizing real to life tactics, techniques, protocol, and communication. The goal of the unit is to always balance the realism with fun. The core of the unit is based around marine infantry task forces with a small amount of supporting assets. We pride ourselves on having a unique culture and style regarding our approach to ARMA regiments. 

At its core, a realism unit is a role-playing unit. We strive to promote an immersive and professional environment for members to role-play in by providing a unique and military COOP experience. Regiment members when in game are required to act like a soldier in a unit and listen to your squad leaders commands. For these reasons, the minimum age to join the 216th IR Realism Unit is 16 years old.

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