By the authority vested in me as Imperial Keyholder by the Manuscript, Two Imperial Scrolls, and the laws/rules of the Kingdom of Comrade’s Gate, including but not limited to will of comrades, I, YANJA, Clan Director & Imperial Keyholder, find that the last remaining regiment of His Majesty’s Imperial Army has entered into a state of disunity and disorder whether intended or circumstance. In order to constitute the reunification of the 216th Marine Infantry of His Majesty’s Army, I hereby declare a regiment emergency.

Accordingly, in order to exercise the necessary vigilance over disunity and activities affecting the security of the honorable 216th; to further significantly increase the regimental policy of the 216th Marine Infantry, including its policy with respect to cooperation by Comrades with certain foreign activities, and to fulfill its internal responsibilities; and to protect the last regiment of His Majesty’s Army from the excessive disunity and reduce the serious impact of disorder, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. (a) To the extent permitted by Imperial Law, all units of the 216th Marine Regiment will abide by the “SOP INFANTRY HANDBOOK” as a manual of guidelines, rules, & procedures in-game & out of game. (b) This document will be the primarily living document of the regiment and can be changed at any time only with a Officers approval. This document will host all formal information regarding the structure and policies. (c) Within ten(10) days of the date of this order the “SOP INFANTRY HANDBOOK” will be updated with the information regarding the order and its details; if information is needed before the ten(10) days to message Officer “YANJA” for assistance. All updates and regiment changes will be posted immediately when changed.

Section 2. (a) To the extent permitted by Imperial Law, that all regiment activities should be categorized as one of the following:

  • Class A Operation

  • Class B Operation

  • Foreign or Joint Operations

  • Scheduled Training

  • Casual Missions (A.K.A. “Fun Operations”)

  • Imperial Academy Training

These categories are defined inside the “SOP INFANTRY HANDBOOK”.

(b) All actions under this order shall be in accordance with Officers directives & SOP INFANTRY HANDBOOK relating to the planing, scheduling, or assembling of any units in the regiment.(c) Within seven(7) days of the date of this order, all future events will be scheduled in advance and announced within a minimum of five days notice to regiment members.(d) With this order, a minimum of three(3) Operations and three(3) training sessions will be hosted within a month cycle.

Section 3. (a) To the extent permitted by Imperial Law, all current Officers have been honorably discharged from duty unless they notify Officer “YANJA” with the intent of staying in Officer status. (b) With the Ren-Li principle as an authorizing guideline, within three(3) days of this Order the current NCO rank of (VIII) will be transferred and redefined. The VIII rank will now be a junior Officer position available for members that are at least seventeen(17) of age and show leadership qualities. Applications within the three day time period will be posted in the announcements for all who are interested and meet the requirements. (d) With the Ren-Li principle as an authorizing guideline, within three(3) days of this Order two Officer position applications will be posted for those who are 21+, translatable experience, and leadership skills.

Section 4. (a) To the extent permitted by Imperial Law, all current regiment members will get the opportunity to express their regiment rank by attending “Imperial Academy Training”. This training will expedite the specialization process and grant the regiment member, if graduated, the rank of (V) signifying that they have been specialized. This order is to help subsidize and lift the current ranking members to a status that will be more beneficial to themselves and the regiment as a whole. (b) Within thirty(30) days of this order the academy option will be closed. Members must notify an Officer to set an appointment to attend the Imperial Academy.

Section 5. (a) With this proclamation, PROJECT:VICTORY, will be amended and thrown out of the current “SOP INFANTRY HANDBOOK” and will be replaced with the correct and updated information regarding the regiment. (b) Within ten(10) days of the date of this order the “SOP INFANTRY HANDBOOK” will be updated with the information regarding the redaction of PROJECT:VICTORY.

Section 6. (a) With this proclamation, a live regiment roster will be created within three(3) days of this order. (b) The live regiment roster that will be hosted on ComradesGate.com will act as the official ranking chart for the unit. (c) Alongside (b) a full ORBAT, Order of Battle, visual will be available for ease of access of understanding the structure and squads inside the 216th.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my Imperial key this sixth day of November, in the year of our Emperor two thousand twenty, and of the founding of the Kingdom of Comrade’s Gate the one year, one month and three days.

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