Comrade's Guild System

General Purpose:

To increase activity in the discord community, be it through text channels, events hosted by the guild leader, or just by grouping like-minded individuals.

3 Part Structure & How to start:

Elected Guild Leader, Appointed Guild Marshal, & Imperial Court/Party Representative.

To create a guild you must direct message an @Imperial Court member with a request or suggest it in the #suggestions channel(minimum 5 votes for consideration).

Once approved, members that are associated with the start of it will be assigned their guild roles and the Imperial Court will help facilitate the Guild Leader election and Guild Start up.

Guild Leader Requirements and Responsibilities:

The Guild Leader has control over the respective guild, acting somewhat like an administrator in order to understand the general desires of the respective guild. This is an elected position, with the Guild coming together as a sub-community to vote for who would best fit the position. Upon election, the Guild Leader will hold the title for no more than three months. When a week is left in the two-month cycle, the Guild must come together to vote for a new Guild Leader. This new leader can be the same as the old, as long as the Guild supports the decision.

The Guild Leader is required to collaborate with members of the Imperial Court & Imperial Party, in order to inform the community administration of events going on in the Guild chat. Furthermore, the Guild Leader must organize at least one event a month in order to benefit the Guild. The event must not conflict with the Comrade Raid. The event can include (but is not limited to): a gaming session, a movie night, karaoke (with permission from the Alliance to ‘steal’ the bot), a ‘campfire’ session (discussing ideas or concerns amongst the Guild members,) or organizing a Guild poll.

Guild Marshal Requirements and Responsibilities:

The appointment of Guild Marshal is seen as a privilege, and any that are considered to be abusing their powers will be demoted by members of the Imperial Court.

The Guild Marshal is the second in command of the guild, acting as an extension of the Guild Leader. In the event that the Guild Leader leaves the community, the Guild Marshal will act as an interim Guild Leader until elections can be arranged by the Imperial Court. The Guild Marshal’s secondary responsibilities lie in community events, as they will help spread the word of the event, as well as keeping the Guild in check for the duration of the event.


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