Kingdom Day Celebration

1st Kingdom Day ( I Year Anniversary ) begins on October 3rd 2020. This day is a sponsored holiday by the Imperial Court to honor the founding of the community and act as a milestone marker to remember for years to come in the Kingdom. We invite the Comrades to come out at 4:15 PM CDT to join us in celebrating Kingdom Day. The current agenda is starting with the promotions of three new comrades to Baronhood, conversation about the Gate and future of the Gate, special Imperial reveal, Tea Time Celebration Bonfire, and at 8:00 PM CDT begins the 34th Comrade Raid. We invite comrades to play all games and unite inside the Gate on this day.

Sometime after 4:15 PM CDT, we will be doing the first "IMPERIAL PICTURE DAY" where we will temporarily ask every member who doesn't have a webcam to leave the room to get a "YEAR I" photo for the Instagram and Website. Members that want to be in the picture, but don't want to fully expose their face may request a blur effect or censored eyes. We believe this is a IMPORTANT TASK to complete on Kingdom Day because this can show people outside the Kingdom that real humans reside here and we welcome them!

Thank you! The Kingdom Prevails!


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