Operation Pine-Fire - Nov 1st

@5:20 CDT(CST) PM Nov 1st will commence Operation Pine-Fire. The local province leader of Bystrica has requested assistance from the Kingdom to help stop another Miyovićian insurgent faction taking over the area. It is believed the insurgents are being funded by a foreign power or a corporation allowing them with smaller forces to wipe the current BYSFOR peace keeping force currently stationed. The 216th Marine Infantry alongside the Rodina Security Contractors have been tasked to covertly sneak into Bystrica and take out the insurgents camps, HQ base, and head officer. The leader of Bystrica made it very clear that we must not leave any trace or it could lead to more engagement from outside influences in Bystrica. 216th & RSC will be sneaked by Bystrica police and taken to a FOB which then the squads will then supply up and be assigned tasks. Mission file provided below:

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