The Two Scrolls

I, the Oracle of His Imperial Majesty, bring word of glory, honor, and brotherhood forged strong like Empyrean steel.  Deep in the Halls of the Dimensions as I searched the Codex for light to bring unto you, my beloved Comrades, the Emperor did reveal to me two scrolls sealed with the Imperial Seal.  I have sent my servants to the four corners of the winds to bring this word that ye might know instruction and be filled with mirth.

And when I loosed the first seal, upon it being a Cup, it fell to the hands of the Keyholders and they kept it to show to you as a sign that these things are of a truth. Upon the scroll it read:


A Decree of His Imperial Majesty: 

Call upon gallant Sols to the arena of combat to display courage and bravery, wit and will, chivalry and majesty the likes of which have not yet been seen in this aeon. As a Token of Victory shall ye have the Emperor’s Cup, that chalice of Tea Time nectar over which the green haze arises tantalizingly.  Any who dares take up the gauntlet venture forth and destiny may choose thee as its champion.  This tourney shall be held yearly every quarternarian so that the halls of brotherhood may fill with the warrior spirit, tried and true in the flames of overstanding. 

Every tourney, the winning Comrades shall be granted membership into the Order of the Imperial Cup.  This Order shall be for a hall of honor and remembrance of their deeds.  Their deeds are as pillars of light in the reaches of space and they shall always be welcome to tournaments. Once a year in Oktober a ceremony will thou hold, their victories and their clips will thou play.  Never forget the courage of those standing and fallen Comrades, a moment of silence shall be held for their sake. 


And I took the second scroll and when I had loosed the second seal, upon it being a sword, it fell to the hands of the Keyholders and they kept it to show to you as a sign that these things are of a truth. Upon the scroll it read:


A Decree of His Imperial Majesty: 

An Order shall be established and for its seal shall be the Flaming Sword of the Root.  This Order shall be established as a fraternity of Comrades that have approached the Throne and received their Blade.  Hear me and know how thou might receive thy blade forged unbreakable, with its blade shining forth into darkness, and its hilt made of the Sacred Tree, the Root of which shall remain steadfast forever in the foundation of the Kingdom. Forever will it serve thee if thou wilt remain faithful and true to thy Comrades. 

Those who seek to be counted worthy for this Order shall pass through Imperial Trials that shall be held twice every month.  Any who passes a Trial shall receive a token of Renown, and this token shall be an Arrow of the Imperial Quiver of an amount determined by the Trial. 

Acts of Majesty shall deserve Renown such as but not limited to defending the Gate and its honor, receiving a commendation from another Comrade for such actions, exceptionally displaying the tenets of the Imperial Manuscript, or otherwise bringing glory to the Gate.  

Acts of Contribution shall deserve Renown such as but not limited to efforts to sustain Gate activities, engagement in events, gathering support, marshaling troops, organizing community building, or otherwise assisting the operations of the Gate. 

In the hands of my servants, the Keyholders have I given authority to discern any other circumstance in which my Comrades shall be deserving of Renown.

When a Comrade has received 216 Arrows of Renown, then shall they place their Arrows upon the Empty Throne upon which time the Arrows will be lifted up and transmute into to light and then shall the light bring forth the Flaming Sword of the Root and bestow it upon thee.  It is a sword fit for the noblest of Comrades, and by it shall thou be bound by brotherhood to those Comrades who stand with thee encompassing the Empty Throne.  Those within this Order shall forever stand as the most faithful of the Kingdom and shall shine forth the Majestic Light, eternally casting out the darkness and bringing Comradeship to all. 


Into the hands of the Keyholders have I given these scrolls and the seals thereof and charged them to see that all within is accomplished.  If these things shall be done, nothing shall withstand them and majesty shall be brought to the kingdom.  I give encouragement to the Comrades, these my brothers, who have stood the test of time and have showed the Universe the power of Love and Respect.  Remain steadfast!

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