The Manuscript

A message delivered across the Empyrean by the Oracle.


“I, the Oracle, Empyrean Messenger, bring word from the Emperor to His Imperial Majesty’s subjects regarding the realm. Peace, I bestow upon you. The Comrades have toiled through the depths of the internet, fighting darkness, vanquishing bad vibes, and recruiting experienced Comrades to establish the Kingdom and build the Empire. I bring you this Word, through my trusted companion, the Oracle. It is He that accompanies me in my journeys, and, acting as a mirror, records all that has happened, and tasks bringing inspiration to me, and He has come to you with tidings of the destiny of Comrades Gate.’


“An Edict from his Imperial Majesty: The Law of Keys. There is a superordinate law of being in this community. This acts as a Code for the Ethical as we traverse the suspended, interpolated spheres of this virtual cosmos together. It models the way in which we preserve the positive atmosphere within our community that promotes growth both as individuals and as the cultural zeitgeist of the Empire.’


1. The Emperor: The Great Experiment in a pseudo avatar that represents the Collective Whole Good of Comrades Gate. The King of Kings, His Imperial Majesty represents the core Spirit of the Gate who has commissioned the Imperial Court to establish his virtual realm here.


2. Unity: Our strength is in our brotherhood. All Comrades are bound by His Imperial Majesty’s mission to bring justice to His Majesty’s enemies, and spread Peace and Good Will to all of his subjects. 


3. The Ren Li Principle: Our rule of law is Ren Li Principle. This principle states that we, as Comrades of the Gate, are obligated to act with Love and Respect. We believe that strength is best combined with kindness and humility in order to inspire the best in all of us, and cultivate an atmosphere of cooperation and consideration.


4. Loyalty to the Emperor is as Loyalty to One’s Comrades: Although our loyalty ultimately rests with His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, his loyalty lies with us and his truth has proclaimed: “There is an Emperor within every One. Therefore, serve and honor each other as the Emperor, and I will in no ways rebuke thee. By serving one another as the Emperor, all men will be served, because the Emperor will be served, for the Emperor is I.”


5. Leading through Foundational Engagement: Foundational Engagement is representative of a hierarchy of behavior symbolized by the Pyramid. The true leaders are at the foundation, who dedicate themselves as the underpinning and driving impetus that keeps the community and its mission progressing. At the Summit, there is no peak, as it represents the Empty Throne on which the Emperor sits. This Pyramid is inclined to its side, as it is a dynamic, directional force that is the focal tip of the Spear of a grander, interdimensional stellar vessel that carries the Empire through the Heavens and the Spheres.

6. Responsibility of the Individual Within and Without: The Emperor has empowered us to carry out our mission and given us every tool we need. At the heart of this mission is the mandate that every individual must take responsibility for himself and for his Comrade’s. It is not enough for each man to save himself, for if all men did so, then no man would be rescued from destruction, save by the Emperor’s mercy. Nothing will be accomplished if each man says to himself: “I will only look unto myself, and, being myself, I will have no regard for how my actions affect my Comrades nor how their actions affect others.” Instead, help your Comrade, defend him from those that abuse him and spitefully use him, feed him, clothe him, and in this manner will the Empire be glorified. 


7. Victory is our tradition! His Imperial Majesty sits on the Empty Throne, honor and justice are in his hands, mercy and love are in his heart, and respect and good will towards his subjects is ever in his mind. The Empire will not fail because it cannot. By Imperial Decree, and by the strength of brotherhood, Comrade’s Gate will go forth conquering and its purpose shall prevail. It is Written.


If you contemplate this, this experiment of the Inner Universe, you too will hold His Majesty's Imperial Key, and the Gate will open itself unto you. 

Remember, Embrace the Imperial Mystery ☽ ☼

Suscipiendum Imperatoria Mysterium


©2020 by Comrade's Gate.